Here’s what I already know about you.

You want your child to achieve great things.
You want them to find a job they love and excel in.
You want them to have meaningful work where they can connect with a community and feel like part of a team.

But how is that possible if they won’t get off the couch to go clean their own room?
How can you get them to engage with the real world if they won’t put down their phone or step away from their computer screen?
How can they be more independent if they can’t even do their own laundry without you nagging?
How can your child find success if they have a disability or some other limitation?

I’m here to show you how.

I’ve developed a completely new and research-based approach to helping your child find their passion in a job they love.

Together we’ll work through the obstacles standing in the way of your child getting their dream job and teach your son or daughter the positive work habits and social skills they’ll need to keep their dream job.

You are the most qualified person to guide your child on this journey to find their passion, their purpose, and their direction in life…even if it doesn’t feel like it!

Inspire your son or daughter to live life out loud and in pursuit of all things extraordinary.

Are you ready to unlock the door to finding your child’s success and happiness in life?

I’m so impressed with the “Discovering Your Child’s Dream Job” Online Program created by Chelsea Whitaker OTR/L. It truly is a fantastic coaching method for parents who want to take an active role in assisting their children/young adults with special needs to find meaningful employment and purpose. Chelsea brings the pieces of the puzzle all together with her program. She has SO many great ideas for parents who may be struggling with how to get started in guiding their children towards a job they love. Chelsea has it all laid out in a self-paced easy to follow online format, with videos for each unit. She shares valuable ideas such as recognizing your child’s sensory styles & preferences, promoting good work habits and maintaining motivation as well as job research steps. She includes very handy printables to easily download for each unit, including a Chore Contract, common interview questions and how best to answer them, as well as ready-to-use resume and cover letter templates. So much helpful info all in one place!! Chelsea’s strategies & techniques make me feel much more confident and prepared to help my daughter find success in a field of employment that best suits her interests and abilities. Thank you Chelsea!!!
Melissa Allen
I am an adult with Autism and Bipolar Disorder. My parents had already raised my two older siblings before me; they did try their best to prepare me for adulthood as they had their other (neurotypical) children, but they often did more harm than good. I wish that my parents had been able to take the “Discovering Your Child’s Dream Job” course when I was a teenager. It would have made a huge difference in my life and avoided a lot of pain and conflict. I highly recommend Chelsea’s course. Your kids will appreciate it!
Working with Chelsea as she developed and implemented vocational training programs for young adults with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Chelsea has a natural, instinctual ability, as well as the education and skills necessary, to assist parents and caregivers to encourage their children to embrace and pursue their dreams instead of assuming they are unreachable.
Chelsea sees beyond their challenges and creates an environment where they can safely explore and learn through practiced exercises, techniques, team work, evaluation and assessments, giving them the power and tools to make their dreams become reality. Unexpected benefits include developing their self-confidence and pride as they realize the skills will benefit them at home, work and play!